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All Wrapped Up

One of my all-time favorite skirt styles is a wrap, I’ve worn them since I was a child. So, when I find a good one, I give it a try. Gauchere’s lama-wool blend skirt left and below is with the tailor being tweaked. The middle image above is the closest to the true color. I bought the matching turtleneck, too, looks great with jeans. I’m back in Paris week after Thanksgiving and want to try the Soeur skirt — love the dark brown.

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Three Easy Pieces

A short duffle jacket is something I would wear a lot. The Prada jacket is the perfect length, but I don’t want navy. The Toteme grey felted wool jacket is a tad longer, but more in line with what I need. I’ve had my eye on the Polo Ralph Lauren plaid sweater, it’s a fun piece. These The Row mules look comfortable and would be great with pants. I’m leaning toward a pair in brown.


Holiday Issue N° 392 Paris

The new issue of Holiday is packed with fantastic fashion stories and these pages highlight a few items that I’m wearing often. Gloves and hosiery are getting a lot of love now that the weather has cooled. The Phoebe Philo gloves are gorgeous — beautiful leather and craftsmanship. I’ve been into hosiery for a few seasons and I even like the nude stockings seen on many SS24 runways. Heeled pumps are front and center this fall— not as skyscraping as these Saint Laurent’s — three inches max is my ideal lift.  And for a bit of eye candy, the Chanel skirt suit is perfect, period.

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Fall Faves

We are heading into sale season so I’m taking stock of what I bought and have loved this fall. Reminding myself of what I have keeps temptation at bay. The Celine tall boots, Saint Laurent hobo in burgundy (gave the black one to my daughter), and The Row brown pumps all get five stars.

The Celine buckle boots are great — comfortable and they filled a big wardrobe hole. Ann Mashburn’s blazer is, also, super comfortable and a perfect travel piece. Both from this post.

These Frame Jetset jeans are a travel lifesaver. They are comfortable and look great dressed up or down.

And the Arch4 cashmere henley and Polo Ralph Lauren cable knit V-neck sweater from this post go with everything.

Post Envy

On Disneyrollergirl: The Thin Belt And The Fresh White Slice

I rarely, if ever, look at someone else’s post and think “damn, wish I’d written that.” This morning I got serious post envy when I opened Disneyrollergirl’s Wardrobe Update: The Thin Belt and the Fresh White Slice — well done, Navaz. My favorite tee to peek out from under a crewneck sweater is Petit Bateau.


Victoria Beckham Covers November Vogue France

Vogue France hit the cover off the ball with this stunning story. Love the all earth tones palette and the very best bit is the VOGUE banner and coverlines in beige — très chic!

On My Mind

Phoebe Philo Launched, Continued.

There are lots of comments on yesterday’s post. I, too, wrote a comment saying that despite the very high price tags, it’s good to have Phoebe Philo’s POV back in the fashion conversation. The long interval between her eponymous collection announcement and the actual launch gave fans a lot of (too much?) time to raise their expectations. Fashion journalists loved the collection, but they are not store buyers and prices always seem secondary to the designs in their reviews. I worry that a limited run of product will be purchased by a limited group of consumers. That said, I bought the above gloves — hand stitched with a snap closure. I need a black pair and the old-school details spoke to me.

Breaking News

Phoebe Philo Launched

Hope you saved your pennies because Phoebe Philo‘s eponymous line just dropped and it’s pricey. Would love to know if and what you bought.

For The Home

Diptyque Devotion

After Diptyque launched La Droguerie, a line of eco-friendly household products last year, I went back to the French fragrance brand with gusto. My favorite candles are La Droguerie for the kitchen, Bois Ciré, Feu de Bois, Geranium Rosa, Verveine, Baies, and Roses in the summer. On work trips to Paris in the ’90s, I would pop into the Diptyque shop at 34 boulevard Saint Germain, which was just down the street from the American Vogue offices. It was a big deal when Diptyque candles became available at Barneys and I could finally buy them here. After years of being sent and gifted a myriad of candle brands, going back to Diptyque felt a bit like going home.

The Best Q&A

Brooke Garber Neidich in Air Mail

Jewelry designer Brooke Garber Neidich always has the best advice and recommendations, so it’s no surprise that her answers to Air Mail’s 71 questions are fabulous. I hope you are all Air Mail subscribers, it’s absolutely worth paying for and only $4 a month if you sign up now.