The Ring Is On The Other Finger

British Vogue senior beauty & wellness editor Lauren Murdoch-Smith‘s Trinity-like ring on her middle finger looks really good. I wear mine on my pinkie, but it’s time to switch it up. When it comes to everyday jewelry, I prefer super classic pieces — surprising placement keeps them from looking conventional.

Image August British Vogue


Poppy Sexton-Wainwright in W.ICONS

Poppy Sexton-Wainwright, co-founder of the line ASCENO, is the #ICONSGIRL in the current issue of W.ICONS. Poppy has enviable personal style and it’s fun to see her at home.

While on a day trip to Florence in May, I got a W.ICONS email with a list of the editor’s favorite Florentine spots (unbelievable timing) — we went to them all!

On My Mind

August, O August

The scorching temps have been soul-crushing and took a bit of the joy out of July. I look forward to a quiet August with family, friends, and lots of fresh veggies. Zucchini noodles, roasted corn salad, lobster rolls, fruit crumbles, and grilled everything is on the menu. And my favorite summer drink: sparkling lemonade, Perrier, and a splash of limoncello. Cheers!

It Item

The Khaite Denim Skirt

I have a few denim skirts, but not a midi length. The wash and style of this Khaite skirt are super appealing and a kinder price point than others I’ve considered.


Polish Up

I’ve never been a nail polish fan, I prefer clean, healthy nails. But when I do wear polish, I want it to be barely-there and non-damaging. This one by Butter London does what it claims, brightens and treats. I’m a convert.

On My Mind

Dear Brooke, Wear The Jacket

My friend Brooke left a comment on a post earlier this week saying “I bought an Alaïa motorcycle jacket in Paris this spring but I fear I am just too old for it.” This got me thinking about biker jackets and all the photos of Emmanuelle Alt looking insanely chic in a number of them. I haven’t worn a motorcycle jacket in years, but after Brooke’s comment, I wanted one. Lo and behold, while roaming Newbury Street in Boston, I came across this SS20 Gucci jacket at Revolve — kismet.

Brooke, in my book a biker jacket is ageless and I’m rerunning the picture below from a 2014 post on this very topic.

On Vogue Scandinavia

How To Keep Your White Laundry White

Thank you, Vogue Scandinavia, for the 5 expert tips on how to keep your white laundry white — very timely and helpful.

Photo: Katrine Gøth & Sissel Abel

On My Mind

The End of the Beginning

Acorn Street, in Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts.

My sage friend LS said this to me when I told her I am in Boston helping my youngest daughter move to Beacon Hill — next week she starts her first postcollege job. LS is right, it is the end of the beginning, and as a rational human I knew it was inevitable but it’s still strange and a bit sad.

For me, coming to Boston is coming home. I remember clearly why I left postcollege to work in NYC and have happily been a New Yorker for 30 some-odd years. However, I could easily see myself living here now. Boston has changed a lot, and yet not at all. We are staying across the street from my mother’s last apartment and, once again, I am reminded that life is a circle.

On My Mind

A Shift in Thinking Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Image above photography by Nathaniel Goldberg and styling by Alex White

Metallics are all the rage as seen in the FW22 and recent haute couture collections. I bought the Valentino Logo chain pumps in gold to be a nod to the trend, but after seeing this Louis Vuitton dress (which reads metallic) in August Elle above and on the runway below, my thinking on how to wear metallics shifted. Styled with a trench and sneakers is very chic.

It Item

Wedge In

I love a wedge heel boot, especially in crepe, but haven’t worn one since the early aughts. And, I haven’t bought anything by Isabel Marant in a few years. When I spied these IM boots, I thought yes, please! — the crepe wedge looks really good to me, again.

Black, short brown, tall brown, short black