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Doing Our Part: Earth Day

We (my family and I) try to do our bit to help the planet—reusable produce and filet grocery bags, straw market baskets, refillable water bottles, grow a lot of our own vegetables, keep bees, compost, recycle, take the train and subway often, buy quality items that we’ll wear forever, and are informed daily about food waste issues by our younger daughter. But I know there are so many other things we could/should be doing.

The filet bags expand and hold more than you’d think. They also fit in my handbag so I always have one or two with me and use them for more than just marketing.

I, too, like the long handled version to wear over my shoulder like this chic woman below.


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Joaquin double-breasted pleated cashmere coat


Cat-eye square-frame sunglasses


Belted wool-twill coat


Leather Charlotte kitten heel knee high boots


Tweed wool-blend single-breasted coat


Mora embroidered cotton shirt


Avery oversized belted two-tone cotton twill trench coat


Knotted sleeve-waist wool sweater


medium Trunk shoulder bag


Gold vermeil hoop earrings


Wool-blend overcoat


Chain choker - yellow gold

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M Le Magazine du Monde

Golden Eye

This M Le Magazine du Monde cover caught my eye—I love Edie Campbell’s golden lids. Not that I will wear glitter eye shadow any time soon, but I do love gold accessories, especially in the summer.

Photography by Oliver Hadlee Pearch    Styling by Charlotte Collet


‘New Jacket Required’

Spring seems to be taking its sweet time and I’m very ready to store my wool coats and transition into jacket weather. This quirky story in May Vogue starring actress Leelee Sobieski has the right idea. I still love the Balmain blazer in the bottom photo.

Photography by Nigel Shafran      Styling by Camilla Nickerson

Elle Decor

Claiborne Swanson Frank: 12 Things She Can’t Live Without

I love lists and this one does not disappoint. Photographer and author Claiborne Swanson Frank, whose third book Mother and Child has stormed Instagram, lists her cannot-live-without things for May Elle Decor—doesn’t get much better than this.

Classic LV

Looking Good, Again

During the years I cast the Louis Vuitton show under Marc Jacobs I acquired a number of pieces of monogrammed luggage that I still use all the time. However, I haven’t carried a traditional canvas LV handbag in years—I think that’s about to change. Once again, Vestiaire, The Real Real, Farfetch (has a ton), and Shopbop have many and they look great a bit pre-loved.


The Row

Georgina Grenville, one of my very favorite ’90s models who I cast in just about everything, is in The Row’s PF18 collection images—she looks amazing, as do the clothes and accessories.


It Item

A Classic Scarf

I posted on the classic scarf last fall, but, I’ve yet to wear one and I have a number of beautiful scarves that should see the light of day. I’m just not sure how to style it without looking matronly. Both The Real Real and Vestiaire have vintage Hermès scarves.

Image © Vogue Italia

On My Mind

The Big Clean-Out

I am in the process of a major spring cleaning—being ruthless. Deciding on what to do with my old magazines. Last time we moved I tossed the 10 years of Vogue issues I’d cast—was cathartic.

It Item

“Out of Africa” Inspired

My dear friend sent me a picture of this fab Joseph skirt—she loves it because it’s so “Out of Africa”. With all the gorgeous neutrals this spring, there’s a good chance many of us will be channeling a bit of Meryl Streep’s wardrobe from the film.

Men’s linen shirt, skirt, Saint Laurent sandals


Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s new movie, “Isle of Dogs”, got rave reviews from a number of friends. The story, filmed in stop-action animation, sounds interesting.