SS22 Collections

Dior: The Perfect Skirt

I love the patchwork of different washes on this Dior SS22 skirt — paired with the camp shirt is cute, too.

Books & Magazines

More Fall Reads

I’m trying to finish Sally Rooney’s Beautiful Life, Where Are You? before Jonathan Franzen’s new novel, Crossroads, comes out tomorrow — I’ve been asked to lead the discussion on it at book club next month.  Slim Aarons: Style, co-authored by my friend Kate Betts, is available October 19 — I can never get enough of his pictures. “In the summer of 1971, Michael Lesy and a friend found most of the snapshots in Snapshots 1971–77 in a dumpster behind a gigantic photo-processing plant in San Francisco. The photos were in the trash because the machines that printed them made them so fast — duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates — that the people on the processing line couldn’t stop them.” I just picked up Snapshots 1971-77 and it is such a cool idea. And the second issue of Vogue Scandinavia and the new issue of The Gentlewoman are winging their way to me.

SS22 Collections

Hermès: Wear Forever Clothes

A gorgeous SS22 Hermès show and I want to really see each look, not just the video. To be continued.

Also, How To Spend It has a fantastic profile on Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, the head of womenswear, in this weekend’s magazine.

On My Radar

Totême: It’s A Cinch

I love a belted coat, but I’m not a fan of robe style — looks messy when unbelted and my coat is open 90% of the time. However, this one by Totême could sway me. Love the belted poncho, too.

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Random Bits

A good dress is a beautiful thing, and this vintage Calvin Klein on Rebecca Longendyke is my idea of perfection. Miuccia Prada’s headscarf and gold bracelet are the epitome of chic. And the belt over the untucked shirt is a nice old-school look.

Images © Vogue and @parisiensinparis

It Items

Hermès Café Clogs

Do I need the Hermès clogs in café? Nope. Do I want them? Yep. But, I think I prefer them with a dark brown sole, like the ones on @alexandragolovanoff below. I suspect that hers are the runway version and were a gift from the designer.

On My Mind

Adding Beauty Every Day

Yesterday, I went to hear Aerin Lauder talk about her book Entertaining Beautifully. Even though I’d bought a copy for myself and gave it as a hostess gift to numerous friends last fall, Aerin drove home a point that I’d missed — add a bit of beauty every day, especially for yourself. Use your grandmother’s silver at breakfast in the kitchen and your finest china for afternoon tea just for yourself.  I’ve pushed myself to not save handbags, etc., rather, to wear and enjoy them right out of the shopping bag. This needs to apply to my stacks of linen napkins, tablecloths, and inherited silver and china. Here’s to adding a bit of beauty every day.

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Random Bits

I loved the ‘In Vogue: The 1990s’ podcast — brought back many memories. Next up, ‘In Vogue: The 2000s’ should be equally as good. The podcast The Just Enough Family by designer Liz Lange, née Steinberg, is queued up. Liz and I were at Vogue together and she was great. @lizlangeofficial is a must-follow. Elizabeth Strout’s new novel Oh, William!, sequel to My Name is Lucy Barton, is out next month. Last year I overindulged in the sweater vest trend. Thankfully, according to Vogue Scandinavia the trend is still going strong. And, thank you Matouk for making table linens out of my beloved Schumacher print, Citrus Garden — oh happy day.

On My Mind

Styling Tips

It’s not always about buying something new to give your wardrobe a bit of oomph, it can be as simple as restyling the pieces you already own. Black and navy have been the combo du jour, but black and brown look good to my eye again. Fair Isle with evening wear is super chic and I plan on copying this concept. And, a button-down under a crewneck sweater is not news, but when the proportions are exaggerated it becomes an instant update on the classic pairing.

@carineroitfeld, Vogue, Gloverall

On My mind

Eugénie Trochu Inspired

Eugénie Trochu has been appointed head of editorial content at Vogue Paris following the dismissal of editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt.  Trochu, previously a fashion editor and most recently market editor at the publication, will lead Vogue Paris’ editorial operations as it transitions to a more international entity. “Her role is part of a new global editorial strategy that will enable local content in all Vogue markets around the world to reach a new global audience across all platforms.” I’m a fan of Ms. Trochu’s personal style and winning smile and wish her the best of luck.