April 15th, 2014
It Item

Rain Bonnet

It’s raining, I’m hauling around bags from my trip to L.A., and I don’t have a free hand for an umbrella. Years ago, my friend gave me a rain bonnet like the one Hanne Gaby Odiele was snapped wearing at the Paris shows. I remember thinking that I would never be caught dead in a bonnet– well, I would today.

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April 14th, 2014
It Item

My Inspiration


Eres makes some of my favorite swimsuits, especially their bikinis. Not too skimpy, and cut just so. I already have one in black and I’m considering another in white. For some reason, white makes me a little nervous. Perhaps it will inspire me to do more crunches.

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April 13th, 2014
It Item


I’m in L.A. and my friend Mark D. Sikes is in Punta Cana, bad timing. He ran the beautiful vintage pic above in a post before he left. Yesterday, while reading the WSJ by the pool at the W Westwood, I came across Meenal Mistry’s article on her love of long, white lace dresses, and had a synchronistic moment. Paired with my own straw market basket and K. Jacques sandals, I would live in a white maxi dress, and it now tops my summer list.


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April 11th, 2014
It Item

Pretty In Pink


Pink is not my first choice color, but this shade is really beautiful. I bought the top version in white and cannot wait to wear it. The color and details elevate the simple shape of this Isabel Marant dress. I love it both with and without a belt, such an easy piece. I’ve had my eye on it in black too.

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April 10th, 2014

Magazine Moves

WWD reported this morning that stylist Suzanne Koller, one of the founders of Self Service magazine, is joining Vogue Paris as fashion director. As a huge fan of both magazines, I’m curious (and nervous) to see what this means for Self Service. Despite its recent 20th anniversary, Self Service is a true indie magazine, one of the reasons I cherish it.

Today’s NYTs has an article on the spate of obscure and cutting edge fashion mags.

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April 9th, 2014

Park Avenue Paper Chase

I’ve had art on the brain recently. You’d never know that I have a B.A. in Art History from my career path. I took these pictures of Alice Aycock’s sculptures (while driving) down Park this morning. There are seven in total: six between 52nd and 57th streets, and one at 66th in front of the Armory.  According to Aycock “I tried to visualize the movement of wind energy as it flowed up and down the avenue creating random whirlpools, touching down here and there and sometimes forming dynamic three-dimensional massing of forms. The sculptural assemblages suggest waves, wind turbulence, turbines, and vortexes of energy.”  Very cool.

I’ve been meaning to profile my friend who is an art consultant for a while now. She has a number of Sally Mann photographs that are to die for. And there are some great exhibitions around town, I’m going to grab some friends and hit the museums/galleries. TBC.

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