May 16th, 2016


Net-A-Porter’s Sarah Rutson has personal style in spades and always gets it right—even on Monday morning.

Image © Instagram

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May 15th, 2016

‘Everybody’s Fool’

Oh, happy day!  There’s a new Richard Russo novel out—a sequel to one of his best, no less. ‘Everybody’s Fool’ will be my first beach read.

May 13th, 2016
Pre-Fall 2016 Campaign

The New Céline Bag

Moments after Céline released the Pre-Fall images, the campaign dropped. This bag, tucked up under the arm (and here), has my name on it.

Photography by Zoe Ghertner

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May 11th, 2016
It Items

Cherry Red

A few months ago, I posted on the Gucci slide in burgundy and my friend Mary has been searching for a pair ever since (to no avail). Maybe she’ll like them in bright red for summer.

Red Gucci slipper

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May 11th, 2016
Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2016


Proenza Schouler just released images of their Pre-Fall collection. Although presented in January, the designers delayed sharing the looks until closer to the delivery date. I’m digging the studs on all the footwear.

May 11th, 2016


After trying a number of pricey lipsticks, I’ve gone back to my go-to by MAC. Mixed with a little lip balm, Hue is my favorite summer shade.

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May 10th, 2016
Pre-Fall 2016-2017


There are some interesting pieces in the Céline Pre-Fall presentation. The color palette is really beautiful, too.


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May 9th, 2016
It Items

Sweater Weather

Sadly, Spring is taking it’s own sweet time. I haven’t put my big sweaters away, yet—they are in heavy rotation worn tucked under a bomber.

Michael Kors Collection, Joseph.

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May 8th, 2016
Fave Re-Run

Made With Love

At the risk of sounding sappy, my girls are the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. We have a homemade-presents-only rule and I don’t expect anything from my husband, I’m not his mother. It’s too cold for a picnic, so a cozy day at home is planned.

I first ran this post four years ago, but it still applies–Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

May 5th, 2016
In British Vogue

‘The Hinge Of The Decade’


I’ve been mulling over the state of fashion—it feels like there is a seismic shift taking place, and I’m not talking about the merry-go-round of designers and houses. I sense that fashion is finding new footing.

Sarah Harris addresses this shift in an article in the June issue of British Vogue. Ms. Harris argues that we tend to define a decade by a single style, a style that doesn’t usually come about until midway through the ten year span. For example, she points out that “it was as late as the mid-Sixties when hemlines rose to mini levels (during the first half of the decade, women were still swathed in the romance of Fifties-style full skirts). Meanwhile, Seventies silk-jersey dressing wasn’t introduced to [the pages of Vogue] until 1976.”  The Angela Carter quote Ms. Harris pulled aptly defines this moment in fashion as “the hinge of the decade, when we start to realize what we look like.”

So, are we at the “hinge” of this decade? I think we are. Ms. Harris chose these looks, from the FW16 collections, to illustrate the oversized, sports-inspired (hoodies, slogan T-shirts, tracksuit trousers, chunky tread soles), urban streetwear influenced, comfort-driven, practical, somewhat disruptive, and individuality-focused style that may come to typify the 2010s.

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May 5th, 2016
On My Mind


Sequins seem to be everywhere, and not just at the Met Gala. I loved the SS15 Dior turtleneck, it looked fresh last year. But I’m not convinced that the new crop of sequins on offer is a good thing. Perhaps, as with metallics, a little goes a long way.

Tom Ford tank.

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May 4th, 2016
Cruise 2017 Collection


Karl Lagerfeld showed the Chanel cruise collection in Havana and the looks are lovely. I’m already eyeing the accessories.

Images © Instagram

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May 2nd, 2016
In W

Shine On, Cont.

Metallics have never been my thing, until this season. Now, I think they look fresh and add a little something to an everyday look.

Jimmy Choo shoes here.

Image © June W 

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